Explore Your Love of Learning with the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station!

Navarre Beach Marine Science Station- 638 Blue Heron Ct., Navarre Beach, 32566

Calling all kids who have a love of learning and parents who seek educational (and fun!) opportunities for their children while on vacation- learn what’s to love about the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station!

The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station started in August 2009 and is run by Santa Rosa County and the Santa Rosa County School District with the mission of promoting environmental awareness of the county’s marine ecosystem through education.

The building, a former state park ranger station, is equal distant between the Gulf of Mexico and the Santa Rosa Sound which allows for easy access to both ecosystems.

Tourists and locals alike enthusiastically support the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station as there are several programs throughout the year that are open to the public and the area’s high school students have the opportunity to earn college credit with “dual enrollment” classes in association with Pensacola State College.

fishing campThroughout the year, there are programs that families enjoy such as Celebrate World Oceans Day, Coastal Encounters, Hands in the Sand Family Programs, Saturdays by the Sea, Guy Harvey- 3 Day Fishing Camp (complete with Guy Harvey shirts and fishing accessories), Fins and Flippers Summer Camp, Spring Break Camps, Halloween Spooktacular, Autism by the Sea and Sea Squirts (for younger children) while taking their mission to groups such as the Blue Wahoo’s (local baseball team) Kids’ Club– all events where children have the opportunity to touch, see and understand in a hands on environment the importance of our ecosystem and environment.

birthday partiesIs your child having a birthday? If so, the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station now offers birthday parties with a 2 hour, hands on themed party (Shark Frenzy or Under the Sea) which includes a fun shark tooth dig which is made into a necklace, a touch tank encounter, kayaking (ages 8 and up), fishing/field studies, sea turtle relays and puppet show. Make the event even easier by signing up your child to receive all of the above plus a special cake, ice cream, decorations and goody bags!

getty_rf_photo_of_hand_in_sandOn August 14th, the Navarre Marine Beach Science Station hosted a Hands in the Sands Family Program as it’s Sea Turtle time on the Gulf Coast! The family friend camp featured hand to flipper conversion, sea turtle anatomy and sea turtle nesting from those who are on the front lines. In addition, this program offered touch tank exploration, kayaking, seining, dip netting, microscope use and a source of educational entertainment for all members of the family! Family discounts are available. Reserve your families spot today as available spaces are filling fast.

GREAT NEWS! The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station was recently awarded $50,000 from the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners — keep an eye out for more improvements!

Find out more information by visiting their website, http://navarresciencestation.org or liking their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/NavarreBeachScienceStation.  If you would like to share your love of education of our ecosystem and environment and receive advertising space in return, please learn more about the sponsorships available at-  http://navarresciencestation.org/Donations.aspx

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Show your love for sea turtles at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center!

Are you drawn to sea turtles? We love them here on Navarre Beach and are excited to support the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center, who’s goal is the protection of endangered and threatened sea turtles through the conservation of marine resources, community awareness and public education.

Lucky visitors of our luxury condos, clean villas and dream beach homes are minutes away from this new conservation center. As some who have recently visited may have seen, changes happening to the outside of the conservation center include the installation of the 2 turtle pools as well as inside with beautiful, hand painted murals and a gift shop (open Friday and Saturday from 9am until 1pm- dates/times scheduled to change, stay updated on their Facebook page; noted below)  full of turtle-riffic treasures which makes for great mementos of your beach vacation.

Currently, there are 11 (!) nests on our beach. It’s an exciting moment for a sea turtle lover with many who gather together to form a human wall to help these little guys (& girls) make their way safely into the sea.

marine trapSpeaking of safety, we ask that you stay away from the eggs (which are noted by 4 sticks and tape around it) as well as remove all beach equipment before it turns dark. Once the sun goes down and the sea turtle come ashore to lay her eggs; they can become entrapped in something as harmless as a beach chair or ingest trash like plastic bags and diapers left behind. If you see an injured or distressed sea turtle, please do not touch it and call FWC Wildlife at (888) 404-3922 or Cathy Holmes at (850) 565-0279.

Several local community groups hold beach clean ups throughout the year. The Great American Clean Up is in the spring and in the fall and while trash is removed from the area, we hope that everyone will do their part and leave nothing but their footprints.

The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center just held their 1st “Trash Bash” on July 27, 2013 which included a few groups of people who went along the shoreline cleaning our beaches. If you want to help and will be here in August, they will be meeting again on August 31, 2013 at the Navarre Beach State Park, Pavilion #2, the Sea Turtle Pavilion, from 8 am- 10 am. Please wear sunscreen, bring gloves and water.

NavBch_EntryIf you want to see a sea turtle in it’s natural habitat, the Navarre Beach Marine Sanctuary has created a FREE “snorkelicious” near shore reef that will appeal to both snorkelers and divers that highlights the exotic wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. Near shore reefs allow people of all skill levels to easily view marine life and ecosystems supported by the reefs, including that of our sea turtle friends.

The Gulf reef is located on the Gulf of Mexico 2,000 ft east of the fishing pier directly south of the Sea Oat pavilion. This is the furthest  southeast parking area of the park. Follow the
boardwalk to the beach and immediately head east approximately 100 ft. The reef is marked (on shore only) by two large PVC posts marine turtlepositioned on the sand dune. The reef is 340 ft south of the mean tide line and consists of 30 structures in 3 columns of 10 spaced, 20 ft apart and is ideal for snorkeling and diving for any skill level. The reef is immediately beyond the second sand bar. Depths range from 9 – 15 ft with tops at
6 – 10 ft below the surface. Visibility ranges from 8 – 30 ft depending on sea conditions which are denoted by the flag colors that are predominant on the beach.

GREAT NEWS! The Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center recently was awarded $70,000 from the Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners — keep an eye out for more improvements!

Like their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Navarre-Beach-Sea-Turtle-Conservation-Center/131510443719622.  If you would like to share your love of turtles with other people by making a donation, please email:   info@navarrebeachseaturtles.org

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Navarre Beach Fun Fest this Weekend


Fireworks on Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach Fun Fest will be held this weekend: April 26 and 27.  

Enjoy arts and crafts booths, kid’s play area, food and entertainment.  Eric Paslay will perform on Saturday night and fireworks will top off the whole event.  Navarre Properties is offering 10% off all remaining vacation rentals for this weekend.  Call toll free 866-936-1312 or book online http://www.navarrelistings.com.

Spring has Sprung at Gulf Breeze Zoo! (Pictures inside!)

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Spring has sprung on Navarre Beach, Florida and the longer days, beautiful flowers and warm sun are upon us!

‘Tis the season for spring break and with two small children (7 and 4 years old), we were looking for something to do that was educational and fun for the entire family.

While there were multiple options to choose from,  we decided to visit the 50 acre, Gulf Breeze Zoo  as we have been there several times and love the educational aspect and the ability to get “up close and personal” with the variety of animals.

On the walking path, you get the opportunity to see the wild animals you read about in books and see on Animal Planet!  Walk right next to peacocks, monkeys and infants, lion and cub, tigers, alligator, owls etc. and see them like never before!

      04      3we-recommend

Make sure to visit these areas when visiting the Gulf Breeze Zoo! 

The Full Flight Budgiary,  the giraffes,  the petting zoo, the new restaurant and the safari train/boardwalk.   While mostly free, some of these activities require a small additional cost. Please contact the zoo for more details at  (850) 932-2229.
6      5

Bird feeding– Step into a magical land of blue, green and yellow parakeets who are quick to land on your food stick and say hello!  They are friendly and welcoming and enjoy you gazing upon their beautiful feathers while they eat!

Giraffe feeding–  Get up close to pet or feed the super friendly giraffes who are happy to see you!









Petting/feeding zoo–  Love on the llamas, graze with the goats- there’s a whole area dedicated to feeding the docile and friendly animals who love to  pop their heads out to say hello! Look for the new  white lamb who is so sweet and the room of guinea pigs!

11       12

New restaurant-  the Giraffeteria. In honor of the friendly giraffes who call Gulf Breeze Zoo their home; this air conditioned,  fast food restaurant offers pizza, hamburgers and children’s meals served in safari hats. After walking for a bit, we took a break and went here.  By the time we got done eating, the safari train was loading. It was a nice break before beginning the second half of our adventure.

13 2010-03-05-01-21-55

Safari train/Boardwalk– Hop aboard and take a ride through the safari! With animals such as rhinos, zebras, gorillas, antelope and more- safely enter their habitat and take a behind the scenes tour of a lifetime! Look for the hippos, gorillas with Kigali, the 1 yr old baby gorilla, the antelope calves and emu chicks.  If you’re a walker, you can still get a great view of all of the safari animals by walking out on the giant boardwalk for free. Wave hi, blow a kiss or point to your watches when you see the gorillas at the end of the boardwalk- they might mimic you!

15       16

If you’re waiting for the train, there is a playground that is fun for the kids which sometimes has roosters and peacocks roaming freely while watching the children play. Take a picture with the (pretend) coiled snake and grab a pretzel (salty or cinnamon) and drink (or another concession stand favorite!) for you and feed the friendly camels their food while watching the huge tortoises and birds.

17 18

Added perks.  This zoo is ran in conjunction with other zoos so the possibility of new animals is likely. Additionally, there are a ton of new babies such as a goat, lamb,  guinea pigs, siamang, sabel, gorilla, addex, lion, gazelle, emus, patas, spider and squirrel monkeys.

Recommendation. Overall, Gulf Breeze Zoo was great! We had a lot of fun interacting with the animals and all of the encounters, boardwalk and train ride truly makes this zoo unique.  With so many things to look at and experience, this is fun for the entire family to enjoy!  While staying on Navarre Beach, Florida-  take a short drive, bring your camera and spend a day with the animals!


More fun for the family!
Call the zoo for more details.  (850) 932-2229

Zootots– “Play date at the zoo!” Includes story time, a private animal feeding demonstration and a hands on animal encounter. Every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Zootology- Learn how to capture photographic moments which highlight the specialty of the animals. This 10 session class is happening now until November 2013.

Trick or Treat Trail and Boo at the Zoo-  Dress up in your favorite costume and trick or treat with the animals! October.

Zoolights-  Watch how the animals interact at night and dazzle yourself in an amazing array of Christmas lights! December.

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