Snowbirds flock to Navarre Beach

Though the nesting birds have long since left Navarre’s shores, a new flock of featherless birds have begun to arrive.

It’s snowbird season.

“Snowbird” is the affectionate term for seniors that travel to beaches along the Gulf Coast during the winter months. Navarre Beach snowbirds come from a variety of places including New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Canada and more.

Renting condos along the beach for sometimes months at a time, these folks know how to cut loose and enjoy all the beach has to offer at a time when weather is mild and Navarre’s normally uncrowded beaches are even more spacious.

To welcome these over 50 visitors each year there is a Navarre Beach Snowbirds Business Expo and Social. This free event offers each visitor a goody bag with coupons and freebies, a chance to mingle and exposure to some of the best of Navarre Beach’s offerings.

There are lots of restaurants, retailers, some medical, some services and a DJ with door prizes. There is also always a lot of food.

There is also another event in February called the Sweethearts Dinner and Dance. This Valentine’s Day event will feature dinner, live music and dancing, door prizes and drinks. Tickets are $20 in advance and go on sale at the expo.

In addition, Hidden Creek Golf Course offers discounts to the seniors on Mondays and the Holley- Navarre Seniors Association invites the visitors into their events for a discounted season rate, 20 events for $20.

Snowbirds also join in on some of Navarre’s beach front activities such as Zumba classes at Juana’s Club Pagoda and fishing along the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier.

Navarre Beach loves their snowbirds, and we are always ready to welcome them in.

Navarre’s pristine man-made reefs are about to get a whole lot bigger.

Hundreds of new modules will be added to Navarre’s near shore snorkel reef and off shore scuba reefs. And it’s never been easier to get your kayak in the water thanks to the new kayak and scuba friendly walk over in Navarre Beach Marine Park. This walk over has no rails meaning it’s easier to carry kayaks and equipment down to the water’s edge. The path leads directly to Navarre’s near shore artificial reef, one of two man-made reefs in the area. This reef is host to any number of fish, big and small, as well as sea turtles and even the occasional dolphin. Want to preview? Video of the sea turtles and unique schools of fish are available online thanks to the Gulf of Mexico’s first ever underwater live feed camera. Test video is available at Or better yet come see it for yourself while staying in one of our beach front condominiums.

Want to touch one of nature’s prehistoric crustaceans or take a cruise in a glass bottom kayak?

The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station offers events throughout the year that get families engaged in activities focus on beach fun and conservation. Summer day camps range in themes from Guy Harvey fishing to underwater remotely operated vehicles to mermaids and pirates. The center also offers an array of homeschool student activity days, and a Spooktacular in October with creepy science that is can’t miss. A recent IMPACT 100 grant will allow the station to take their activities on the road with a new traveling interpretive center, complete with touch tanks and more. The station offers a variety of classes to local students researching the wide array of marine wildlife found off Navarre’s white sand coast. Rentals fill up fast. Don’t miss your chance to explore all the science station has to offer this summer.

Come meet Gigi at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center


Gigi the loggerhead sea turtle is completely blind, but that doesn’t stop her from snapping up her favorite mackerel or checking out visitors to the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center. The turtle center is one of a kind to this area, providing visitors up close encounters with their resident turtle. There are interactive displays throughout the center featuring Navarre’s host of feathered, scaled and furry residents. Tanks with turtles and invasive Lionfish give visitors a lesson in conservation. Come meet Gigi and see all the ecotourism opportunities that Navarre Beach has to offer.