Top Restaurants for Navarre Beach

TripAdvisor has become a reliable source for all things travel.

These guys are a globally recognized source for reviewing of vacation options including accommodations, airlines, attractions and especially restaurants. They have received more than 500 million reviews and opinions from travelers. They have posting offering information on more than 7 million around the world.

When I head out of town, I frequently find myself looking on their site for where the best place is to chow down. From seafood to take-out to fusion cuisine, they are a trusted source where I can see what previous visitors thought of the ambiance, the service and most importantly the food.

So out of curiosity I looked to see what they had to say about our dining options here on Navarre Beach. I was not disappointed as some of my personal faves were highly reviewed by the thousands of visitors that weighed in.

So dear visitor here are the best places to eat on vacation in Navarre as chosen by TripAdvisor reviewers and endorsed by the locals. (I have marked my personal favorites with a *.)

  1. Scooter’s Fish House, 4 and a half stars*
  2. Cactus Flower, 4 and a half stars*
  3. East Bay Crab House, 4 and half stars
  4. Alphy’s Catfish House, 4 and a half stars
  5. Johnny Huston’s Grille and Bar, 4 and a half stars*
  6. Shrimp Basket, 4 stars
  7. The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar, 4 and a half stars
  8. J. Chagos, 4 and a half stars*
  9. Shark Bite, 5 stars
  10. C.’s Front Porch, 4 stars

It is worth noting that Tommy’s New Orleans Snoballs did tie with Scooter’s for first place, but since they are exclusively dessert I took them out of the main list. But you should still check them out. Tommy’s received 5 stars for their snow cones. No surprise there.

Not listed but definitely worth a shout out is Smokin’ Oasis on the beach and the new Beach House Bar and Grill. So get munching here on beautiful Navarre Beach.

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