Navarre Beach Top 5 Sweet Treats

It is a proven fact that calories do not count when one is on vacation. With that in mind, skipping dessert while vacationing on sunny Navarre Beach is out of the question.

Florida’s Panhandle gem, Navarre Beach, has plenty of savory and sweet delicacies to chomp, slurp and sip. So as your go-to gal for all things Navarre (and an avid dessert eater myself) here are the top 5 sweet treats for Navarre Beach.

  1. Tommy’s Sno Balls

Located at the foot of the Navarre Beach Bridge, this open air snow cone stand is a local’s staple. Mr. Tommy has been serving up freshly shaved, flavorful ice with a hint of humor for years.

In a variety of fruity flavors, these sweet treats go perfectly with a picnic lunch at Navarre Park just across the street.

  1. Culver’s Frozen Custard

OK, I know what you are thinking: that’s a chain restaurant! Well, I will defend this one’s spot on the list for the simple fact that our Culver’s here in Navarre is the best Culver’s. Period.

The staff is always super friendly, and they treat you with the attention and care typically reserved to a small business.

But you are here for the frozen custard which is like a soft serve but thicker and sweeter. Their frozen custard combined with a litany of sweet and salty topping such as Andes mints, brownie pieces, salted caramel and more makes it impossible to try all the possible combinations. I like to finish a hot beach day with these cool concoctions.

  1. Key Lime Pie at Juana’s

A favorite hangout spot on the sound side of the beach, Juana’s Pagodas and Sailor’s Grill (2017 Top 10 Florida Beach Bars recipient) serves up music, food, drinks and beach front fun. Complete with beach volleyball quarts and two well-stocked bars, there is plenty to do. Finish off dinner with a slice of this house-made pie. Or just skip straight to dessert as you watch the beach front sunset from their deck.

  1. Apple turnover at Milton Bakery

This one is a bit of a trek from the beach, but well worth the drive. Just up the road in historic downtown Milton, the Milton Bakery offers a litany of sweet treats from simple donuts to made-to-order cakes and delicious pies. The apple turnover here is unbelievable. The crust is flaky, and the apples are baked with a spice blend to tempt the taste buds. While in the historic area take a stroll along Blackwater River or head over to Adventures Unlimited for a canoe or tubing ride.

  1. Chocolate Ganache Cupcake at JJ Chagos

This place is full of delicious dishes to tempt the pallet, but hands down my favorite eat here is the moist chocolate cupcake coated in mouthwatering chocolate ganache. The menu, which is constantly changing as ingredients become available, features a variety of gourmet breakfast and lunch munches. But the pastries accompanied by one of their dozens of coffee options will satisfy the sweet tooth.

If you’re mouth isn’t watering by now, check your pulse. Or better yet check out where you will be staying on Navarre Beach while you chow down on these delicious sweets.

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