Sunsets are God’s greatest work of art.

At the close of each day the sun paints the sky in a new pattern of bright orange, red, purple and blue.

The day is slowly winding to an end. The anticipation of the evening grows, a time to relax for some but a time for the party to begin for others.

Each sunset is distinctly different from the last, but I think they are most beautiful on the beach.

As I sit on the shoreline and watch the sun sink slowly down into the water, I can’t help but feel small in this great wide universe. The shorebirds quietly call in the distance as the rhythmic swish of the waves pushes against the beach. The washed up pink shells cast long shadow patterns upon the white sand.

Occasionally the gray gleam of a dolphin’s back will break the blue, green stillness of the water as they hunt for fish among the wake.

All is peaceful. All is beautiful.

The best places to experience a sunset along Navarre Beach in my humble opinion is along the beach. Bring a blanket and your camera.

Other ideal places to catch the sunset:

  • Along the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier
  • On the deck of Juana’s Pagodas
  • The porch of your condo

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