Escape Zone 60 of Navarre

Walking into the room you are greeted by the sound of thunder as a storm rages outside the windows. All around there are photos of the magnificent magician Harry Houdini, chains, locked boxes and strange objects. Dangling precariously above a water tank and locked in chains is the cunning escape artist himself, raised from the dead.

But he’s not back among the living for long.

The clock on the wall instantly begins ticking down as you hear the heavy wooden doors click locked behind you and your team. As the seconds tick by, the magician’s head drops dangerously close to the water. You have just 60 minutes to find the clues, solve the puzzle and save Houdini from a watery grave.

Welcome to Escape Zone 60 of Navarre. This place is called an escape room, one of thousands of real-life immersion puzzles that are taking the nation, and the world, by storm.

The Navarre location opened its doors Memorial Day weekend and has already seen dozens of teams come through. It is the fifth escape room that Escape zone 60 has opened in the panhandle, and construction is currently underway for a second escape room at the Navarre location: Escape the Red Planet.

This room will have a Mars theme and is expected to opening any day now!

The key to escape room success is teamwork. The local room invites in a maximum of eight people with minimum teams being four people.

Anything can be a clue, and overlooking a detail can cost you the game. Solving these conundrums is no easy task. The average success rate for escape rooms is 41 percent, according to

But don’t worry. Escape Zone 60 is great for newbies and avid escapers alike with a roughly 20 percent success rate.

Even if you don’t save Houdini, the memories are a victory in and of themselves.

Come try it out. You won’t be disappointed.

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