Tying the knot on Navarre Beach

When you find the one, you just know. You get this funny butterflies-in-your-tummy kind of feeling when they are around, and the world seems a little brighter just because you know that person is in the world.

And when it comes time to say those two little words to the person who completes you, it should be perfect.

I get that. I have photographed my fair share of weddings and helped plan a few more in a variety of locations, but there is just something about beach weddings.

Churches are traditional sure, and there are a variety of other locals that folks have turned into wedding venues. But the beach is a beauty not replicable by man.

Vowing to love, honor and cherish someone eternally in a place that is as eternal as the world itself just seems right, you know? Like the steady lap of the waves, so too will your lives together continue with the ebb and flow of life.

The beach just fits the bill.

The thing that truly makes Navarre Beach the right beach for weddings is the uncrowded, unhurried nature of it all. When the big day is coming (or here) stress levels can be high. Planning a wedding is an intense process usually involving a dozen or so moving parts and a million decisions.

It’s a relief knowing that the revenue is pretty much already decorated (what better décor than a one of a kind sunset over an expanse of shimmering blue water and powder white sands?).

Further help taking the pressure off can come from our wedding planning partners.

Award winning wedding planners Tropical Beach Weddings have been making couple’s dreams come to life for years on Navarre Beach.

We also partner with White Sands Weddings. Just a scroll through the photos of a White Sand Weddings event will tell you they have an eye for style, flexibility, elegance and fun.

More info can be found on both of these planners at navarrelistings.com/weddings.htm.

As for somewhere to put all those loved ones who came to see you two tie the knot, the Cabana del Sol will have everyone staying in style and comfort. The waterfront island rental property overlooks the blue waters of Santa Rosa Sound. With more than enough space for 16, it offers a great place for the friends and family to stay.

As for the honeymoon, we have a few more intimate options at a variety of price points for you two to celebrate the beginning of the rest of your lives. Spend a night sitting on the porch of a penthouse watching the stars above the Gulf of Mexico. Or venture out for a glass bottom kayak tour of the Navarre Beach near shore reef. Or just spend some time alone together. This is a place where you can truly just relax.

Congratulations on your engagement and soon to be wedding. I can’t wait to great you in person here on Navarre Beach.

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