The reefs complete!

If you love snorkeling, kayaking or diving I have some great news for you. The wait is finally over!

The expansion of Navarre Beach’s near-shore artificial snorkel reef has finally been completed!

The reef has more than doubled in size meaning double the breathtaking wildlife.

Dolphins, sea turtle, octopus, colorful fish and more call the reef home. Even cute little sea hares have been known to stop by (check out our previous post “Attack of the sea hares” for more on these cute-yet-creepy critters).

The reef expansion has been a long time coming, but thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated locals these reefs are even more spectacular. A crew on a barge had to place each of the reef modules in a grid on the left and right of the reef to create the expansion.

The reef modules consist of disks of concrete and limestone stacked on a pipe that is dug into the ground. The disks have a little space between each layer allowing for creatures to hide inside. The porous surface also allows critters like coral to dig in and grow.

I love taking my underwater camera out to snap a few shots while snorkeling.

For more information of the variety of creatures to see on the reef checkout or better yet come see for yourself!

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