Our sunsets bring a different kind of autumn color

So apparently there are these tourists called ‘leafers’ or ‘leaf peepers’ who every year drive to the colder, northern parts of the country to see the leaves change to a beautiful array of orange and red and brown with the shifting seasons.

They usually come with cameras in hand hoping to get a once in a lifetime photo of nature’s glory.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a brilliantly colored mountainsides in autumn as much as the next girl, but let’s be honest: when I think vacation, I don’t think freezing.

Breathtaking vistas and photo worthy natural beauty are not hard to come by on Navarre Beach.

Here on Navarre Beach, the average temperature for October is 76 degrees. Midday temperatures have been hanging out in the low 80s. In Maine where the ‘leaf peepers’ go, the average temperature is roughly 48 degrees. Temperatures get down to the low 30s.

That’s cold.

So while the ‘leaf peepers’ are having a grand ole time shivering their behinds off, I will be here in my shorts and T-shirt enjoying the natural beauty of a more tropical destination. I invite you to do the same.

Oh and if you are worried about seeing those beautiful reds and oranges splayed out before you by God himself, might I recommend a Navarre Beach sunset.

Best places to get a colorful photo are:

  • Juana’s Pagodas
  • The longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico, the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier
  • The balcony of your beach front condominium

For more color you can check out the colorful fish that decorate the Navarre Beach near shore snorkel reef.

And if after seeing that magnificent site you still want to take a peep at the leaves, try the Adventures Unlimited Fall Foliage Zipline. It is just up the road from the beach along the beautiful Blackwater River.

See all the beauty with none of the body numbing chill.

Book your waterfront condominium today.

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