Vacation like you mean it!

How many times have you said “I want to go on vacation, but work is too busy”?

How many times have you said “it’s too expensive to go right now” or “its not the right time with work” or “I can’t leave because of ‘x’” or even “I’ll go next year”?

How many times have you watched as the year ended and your vacation days expired, languishing from boundless potential to the ashes of what might have been.

At least 55 percent of you have done this to yourselves because on average 55 percent of employees don’t use their vacation days each year. That amounts 662 million unused vacation days. I repeat, 662 MILLION.

That’s crazy!

As travel expert Samantha Brown of Project: Time Off says, we are simply not prioritizing our vacations.

Well I for one say no more!

It is time to get out there and explore the world one sun-soaked beach at a time. It is time to paddle down the ancient Blackwaters and visit historic places. It is time to take a helicopter tour or snorkel on beautiful reefs or meet a sea turtle.

It is time to actually live your life.

Project: Time Off, found at, is a great website to get you started. Their research-based information is packed with reasons why you should be vacationing and a calendar tool to help you get started.

The project has found that taking a vacation now and again boosts overall productivity, morale and prevents burnout. Samantha puts it perfectly when she says “there is no perfect time. Work will always be busy, and you are lying about (vacationing) next year.”

So go out there and seize the moment, your moment. Every wasted vacation day is a crime against not only yourself, but your quality of work and your family. Kids won’t stay kids forever. Young romance only happens once. And your life only happens once.

You deserve to live a full and happy life, and that means taking time to relax and discover a new place (and yourself.)  We can help with that.

Start making the most of your vacation days here on sunny Navarre Beach. Plan your trip today. Visit to book your stay with us!

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