Three things to keep kids learning on Navarre Beach

As the old Alice Cooper tune goes “schoooooools out for Summer!”

Which means the kiddos are likely back at home with mom and dad for some quality bonding. It’s great!

And by week three, mom and dad are exhausted and the kiddos are bored. Not great.

The last things parents want is for their kids to progress into the all too familiar vegetative state summer break can produce. Sounds like a vacation is in order. Here are a few suggestions for ways to keep the kiddos’ brains engaged and mom and dad sane on Navarre Beach.

  1. Meet Sweet Pea at the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

If your little ones love critters, they are going to flip for the sea turtle center. Sweet Pea is a juvenile green sea turtle. She acts as an ambassador for her endangered cousins in the wild. Aside from getting to meet Sweet Pea, the sea turtle center offers a scavenger hunt-style tour to help the kids learn about all of the animals living at the center.

  1. Challenge the mind with Escape Zone 60

As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Sometimes keeping the mind sharp is all about practice. So challenge the kiddos to a brain puzzle they can actually live at Escape Zone 60. Older kids, with help from mom and dad, can try their hand at two different escape rooms in the Navarre area. These puzzle rooms put the visitor to the test through challenging, collaborative mind games in a race against the clock. And don’t worry if you don’t beat the clock. I can say from experience loosing is pretty fun too.

  1. 3. Navarre Beach Marine Science Station Summer Camps

What kid does not want to have an up-close encounter with dolphins, build underwater robots, try their hand at deep sea fishing or catch a wave atop a surf board.

The Navarre Beach Marine Science Station offers a variety of summer day camps to not only keep your children’s hands busy but their brains too! Lessons include hands on interactions with native wildlife and cool conservation messages. Plus, while the kiddos are away mom and dad can play! Camp registration is available at

So bring the little ones to our tropical paradise this summer. Check out the options at

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