Beach Ambassadors offer education and fun

Did you know that the award-winning powder white sands of Navarre Beach actually came here from the Appalachian Mountains?

We didn’t import it. But nature did send it by express river travel down from the mountains. That lovely sand is actually trillions of tiny, tiny quartz crystals. As water wears down the semi-precious stones high in the mountains they travel down rivers, eventually accumulating along our shoreline over millions of years.

I have lived here my entire life, but I didn’t learn that until just the other day thanks to our new Navarre Beach Ambassadors.

These guys and gals are pros on all things Navarre Beach. The ambassador program is a partnership of the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Office and our local UF/IFAS Extension Office.

These volunteers are sent out to the beach with a simple goal: interact with all of you. From sharing cool information on our local ecosystems to answering questions to helping protect our nesting sea turtles, the ambassadors rock.

They started their patrols this month, all wearing their “Navarre Beach” t-shirts to easily be identified. They even pick up trash and fill in abandoned holes to keep our beach looking its best. They embody the spirit of Navarre Beach.

In addition to providing great info and assisting guests, the ambassadors are also offering surveys to visitors. The 9 question survey will help us make the beach an even better place to play, so if you have a minute, fill one out.

Otherwise just enjoy the knowledge these friendly folks have to share. Even I learned something new and super cool.

Come meet our volunteers here on beautiful Navarre Beach,

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