Try your hand at Wild Shots

Think you are pretty slick at shooting photos? Could you be considered a shutter bug? Are you a complete novice who only takes pictures with your phone? Did you take one art photography class in college, then quit the whole endeavor?

Regardless of skill level, this photo contest is for you.

Located just west of Navarre Beach, the Gulf Breeze Zoo has opened up their annual Wild Shots photo competition, and photographers of all skill levels are invited to take photos of the zoos furry, scaly and feathered residents.

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is the award-winning home of more than 800 exotic animals. Will your winning photo by of the zoo’s new baby rhino Katana? Or will your secure first prize by taking a great angle shot of the towering giraffe family? Or maybe junior will win the cell phone photo category for his selfie with the lions? How about a wide angle in the flight cage surrounded by fluttering wings?

Even if you don’t win, a day at the zoo just exploring with the family is always a win.

There are few basic rules. Visitors have to obey zoo policies while taking their photos, images must be taken at the zoo and only five photos can be submitted.

Categories include youth for ages 2-12 years old, adult and cell phone photos.

Grand Prize winners of the 2018 Wild Shots Photo Contest will be announced on the zoo’s website and through social media.

Each Photo Category (Adult, Youth & Cell Phone) will win the following prizes:

1st Place: Zoo Unlimited! Includes 4 Annual Memberships for unlimited visits to the Gulf Breeze Zoo for a full year ($185 value)

2nd Place: Grand Day Out: Includes 4 Day Passes, 4 cups of food, 4 budgie sticks, and 4 giraffe feeding experiences ($125 value)

3rd Place: Choose Your Adventure: Includes $75 gift certificate for your choice ot tickets, animal feed, merchandise…its your choice! ($75 value)

Staff Pick: Zookeeper Gift Pack: Includes an official Gulf Breeze Zoo t-shirt, zoo animal plush and souvenir cup ($40 value)

For more info go to

The Zoo opens at 9 a.m. daily and is located just off Highway 98. Visit for event updates, seasonal hours, and more. The Wild Shots contest runs from now to August 31, so book your vacation ASAP at

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