Five ways to keep home safe while your away

As we prepare for fun in the sun, the last thing on our minds is home security. We load up the car and hit the road for a fun few days in paradise.

But taking steps to keep our property safe is essential. In the U.S., a home burglary is attempted every 20 seconds. Too often we hear of intruders smashing into a home when no one was there. Homes that are obviously unattended are prime targets.

So, before you make your way to Navarre Beach for that relaxing vacay, read these five tips to make sure there isn’t an unwelcome surprise waiting when you return.

Tips were sourced from a variety of sites including, Cornerstone Home Lending Inc. and Smarter Traveler.

Tip #1 Stop your mail

When leaving town be sure to contact the post office to hold your mail for the duration of your absence. Piling up mail over a few days on the door step or in the mail box can let potential thieves know that no one’s home.

Tip #2 Get a house sitter

While it can be a pain to pay someone to watch the house, having someone there means a lot of thieves will steer clear. In addition, someone regularly checking the house can catch any other problems, feed pets and water plants.

If it is easier, ask a trusted neighbor to watch the house while you are gone. And return the favor later. If you do have a neighbor check on the house, they can also check your mail if you would prefer.

Tip #3 Ditch the spare key

It is no mystery as to where you keep the spare key. It’s under the mat. Or in that conspicuously fake rock. Or under the flower pot. Or in the power outlet cover.

A potential thief is going to know where to check, so don’t give them a chance to find your key. If you are leaving for an extended time, take the spare key with you or leave it with the person you have watching the house.

Don’t make yourself an easy target.

Tip #4 Triple check your locks

It goes without saying that you should check all your locks, but you would be amazed how often we mistakenly leave them wide open.

Just last week, I went out back to water my flowers and came back in without thinking about the lock. I had done the routine hundreds of times, flipping the latch back after attending my garden, but for whatever reason I forgot. It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized the lock had been undone all night!

When you leave for vacation take a moment to check all the doors and windows. Double check. Even triple check. That last look over before you leave is just an extra peace of mind. That goes for cars too, or better yet, lock them in the garage.

Tip #5 Don’t post it online

It’s very tempting to announce your vacation on social media. You are excited. You want to scream from the rooftops “I’m about to have so much fun!” But don’t do it.

While your friends and family are wishing you safe travel on that Facebook post, nefarious folks may see it as an opportunity to take advantage of you being gone.

That goes for posting while you are on vacay as well. I know that breathtaking beach sunset is just begging to be shared on your Insta but wait. Better safe than sorry.

Take this opportunity to unplug and be together without the cellular distractions. Facebook and Instagram can wait until you return for all the highlights and cute group selfies. Post away once you are back and take a moment to relive the whole thing over again.

Vacation confidently and securely with these tips. They are by no mean full proof, but they can help. Book now at