Visit us this Labor Day

All too soon, Summer fades from view.

Labor Day is upon us and that means Summer fun in the sun is coming to a close. It feels like the season just swept past so fast. Kids are heading back to school. It can feel like the load at work is heavier than it has ever been. Minds are turning toward the upcoming autumn and all the accompanying holidays.

I actually spotted Halloween decorations in several stores already. *Gasp*

Before the crazy and cold seasons come to call, I have some great news for you: it is not too late to squeeze in just a little more fun in the sun.

Here on beautiful Navarre Beach, the weather is still gorgeous. We will have temperatures in the 80s and sunny skies for months to come. We are still working on our tans, toes in the sand, drink in hand, man-oh-man that sunset is pretty.

Don’t you want just one more taste of vacation? One last hoorah before the funs over.

Labor Day weekend is a perfect time to visit.

While other beaches will be crowded with the tourists desperate to eek out a last sun ray before the monotony of the colder months set in, you could be enjoying the same pristine natural beauty where the locals go. Splash in the waves. Take in the sunset while relaxing on a beach front balcony.

Seriously, our crowds are low even on the busiest of days and there is a spot of sand just calling your name. You’re welcome to lay your towel next to mine because that’s exactly where I am spending my Labor Day weekend.

Come soak up the last rays of summer sun with us on Navarre Beach this Labor Day weekend. Book the family a condo (or maybe a romantic condo for two) today at