More than $2.4 million in improvements coming to Navarre Beach

There’s a lot of “coming soon” going on at Navarre Beach this week.

That’s because we are investing more than $2.4 million in grant money to make our fantastic beach even more fantastic.

The funds come from the Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) grant through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) as part of the money set aside to make improvements following the BP Oil Spill. The oil is long since gone and our local wildlife have recovered, but these funds are being invested to make the beaches even better than they were before.

Visitors to the beach will have an all new facility to munch on their lunch and cross over onto our white sandy beaches on the Gulf side thanks to construction of an additional picnic pavilions and parking area in the Navarre Beach Marine Park.

The Navarre Beach Gulfside Walkover Complex will be constructed between the two existing walkover complexes. It will provide additional shade, 24 new picnic tables under several new reservable pavilions (cook out party anyone?), a new restroom and a wheelchair friendly boardwalk that will carry our visitors and locals over the dunes. (Yay, protecting sea oats!)

Capitalizing on interest in the local wildlife, the complex will also feature a 14-foot-high elevated bird-viewing area allowing visitors to get a look at nesting shorebirds, such as least terns, and their fluffy chicks.

Also coming to a lovely beach near you will be similar improvements to access for the Sound side of Navarre Beach. Protected by the barrier island, the beaches of Santa Rosa Sound offer gentle, nearly non-existent surf and shallower salt waters perfect for families with small children.
In an area we locals call Mother’s Beach (because that is where mother’s often take their little, little ones), we will be investing in an all new boardwalk system.

The Soundside Navarre Beach Coastal Access and Dune Restoration boardwalks will allow visitors, including those with limited mobility, to access the water without damaging our local sand dunes, and we will be restoring the existing dunes to their former glory (again, yay sea oats!). There will also be a new kayak launch.

Work will start on these projects after Labor Day and will likely be completed by June 2019. Visitors in the meantime will still be able to enjoy the beach at the existing crossovers and pavilions while construction is underway.

Whether you are planning to be one of the first to check out our bird watching platform or you will be seeing the new construction on your return trip to our lovely shores, you can book your vacay at