Slip on in to the Slippery Mermaid

Good vacations require good eats. Nothing shatters the picturesque tropical escape image quite like a bland meal from a chain restaurant.

In recent years I have had to make an admission to myself: I am a bit of an incorrigible foodie.

I confess, my phone’s camera is full of pictures of gorgeous eats, and I have been known to hunt down a great Mediterranean place in the back of a gas station on a rumor alone. Try not to judge.

But back to your vacation. As you are soaking up the rays on Navarre Beach you may ponder ‘where am I going to get the perfect dinner to round out this perfect day?’

I have several recommendations, but if sushi is your thing no place is better than Slippery Mermaid. I love this place. With a light, beachy atmosphere, the Mermaid offers indoor and outdoor seating with a water front view. About a five-minute drive from the island, this place offers a variety of classic sushi and Asian-inspired cuisine.

I highly recommend the Poseidon roll, and as a fan of octopus I always get the octopus nigiri.

For those of you that are not big fans of fish, I highly recommend the Raider Roll. This steak sushi is named for our local champion high school football team the Navarre Raiders, and it will fill the stomach of any carnivore.

Aside from a fun, beachy-feel and delicious food, the Slippery Mermaid is also a cut above thanks to their eco-friendly attitude. The restaurant does not use plastic single-use containers. All of their sauce bowls, serving dishes and even the chop sticks are biodegradable.

And they love the motto “skip the straw.” This movement is based on the idea that restaurants should ask whether visitors want to use a single-use, plastic straw rather than just providing them automatically.

Straws are a big contributor to plastic pollution in the Gulf of Mexico and our oceans. I had a group of kiddos recently give me a lesson in ocean pollution, and what can I say, they convinced me. Now I tote a reusable metal straw in my purse for those occasions we visit a restaurant. (Protip: a travel toothbrush holder will keep your straw clean while its floating around in your purse, should you decide to start carrying one, too.)

So Slippery Mermaid only provides straws on request, meaning less plastic waste.

Good food that you can feel good about. I love that.

Try the sushi on beautiful Navarre Beach,

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