Stopping plastic pollution can be fun

Have you ever seen a six-foot-tall straw tell folks to pick up their litter? What about a splashing dolphin made entirely of goggles and masks?

Sea creatures constructed from garbage and turtle-tastic crafts were a few of the activities at this year’s Sea Turtle Extravaganza. This festival marking the end of sea turtle nesting season is hosted by the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center.

The best part is that the activities are really focused on the kids.

The goal of the event is to make learning about conservation and marine life fun through painting, splashing and so much more.

A big message of this year’s festival was tackling plastic pollution. Kids could check out the art sculptures built entirely out of items collected off the beach, check out the Stranger Things Thing in which volunteers collected a variety of peculiar items off the beach, play games, make crafts that taught about wildlife, paint a banner and other activities.

Inside, visitors could tour the aquariums of the sea turtle center. The center also added a new activity where the kids can search for shark teeth through sandy excavation. I will admit that as an adult, I still totally tried my hand at it.

Navarre Beach prides itself on being an ecotourism destination, and the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center is a perfect example. The festival is part of that celebration of our beach and its wildlife.

The center is located in the heart of our Marine Park, one of the few examples left of an uncrowded Gulf Coast beach with white sand, lazy surf and park amenities. It is an ecotourism destination in and of itself. Its my favorite.

On the topic of ecotourism and engaging the kids, coming later this month is the Science Spooktacular. This creepy marine science themed festival is hosted by the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station located behind the sea turtle center.

Participants can get into costume and try out kid-friendly experiments or get hands on with some of the native wildlife in our touch tanks or pilot an ROV or learn about reefs through our live feed camera.

Its always a blast and is scheduled for Saturday. If you missed Sea Turtle Extravaganza, you definitely need come to Spooktacular.

Or schedule your vacation for next October to come check out our turtle-tastic and spooky autumn festival fun. Make your plans at

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