Clean eating and comfort on beautiful Navarre Beach

Sometimes eating out every meal can get a little overwhelming on vacation. Between the rich food and the sometimes-hefty price tag, all you want is a home cooked meal.

With our full-sized kitchens, you can do exactly that. Take a night during your vacay for a little classic family dinner night. Put the smartphones away, bust out an apron and get cooking. It’s a great way to have a little family bonding or romantic dinner for two.

Plus you can eat that home cooked meal on the balcony overlooking our powder white beaches.

But if you are going to cook a meal on your fantastic Navarre Beach vacation, make that meal fantastic too.

Our local farmers market, Farm to Table of Northwest Florida, will not steer you wrong. This locally focused farmers market was created by Carolyn Hand, owner of Nature’s Hand Cattle Company, and Kim McKelvey, owner of Golden Dreams Dairy. Both ladies are farmers to the core and have been working with cattle in our local area for years.

These women know their food.

“It is by farmers for farmers,” Carolyn told me. “A farmers market is supposed to be about helping farmers. It is not just a place where people are selling something.”

Farm to Table of Northwest Florida started because there was a clear need in Navarre. For a while locals and visitors alike have been traveling outside our beachside community to find locally growth foods.

Kim and Carolyn have been taking their products to a farmers’ market out of town for awhile too, but many of their customers were commuting from Navarre to buy their goods.

So they brought it back home by creating their own market. And I love it.

With the fresh produce available at the market my family chowed down of zoodle spaghetti and meatballs and Mexican stuffed bell peppers, all made with local cheese, veggies and beef. And that was just week one.

Visitors to the market can make their purchases with confidence that what the vendor says is true. All of their vendors are certified with Farm to Table, meaning Carolyn and Kim physically go to the farm location and inspect it for best, clean practices.

“It really does make a difference when you can see what a farmer is doing. When a vegetable or beef comes from China or Mexico, you don’t really know how it was handled,” Carolyn said. “Buying local just gives you a lot more transparency.”

Stop by the Farm to Table every first, third and fifth Saturday of the month to do your own local-grown shopping.

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