Super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse: 2019 major celestial event

It’s a mouthful to say, but it’s also pretty spectacular to watch. A quartet of coinciding of celestial events will make for a spectacular show Jan. 20 as the sun, moon and Earth align to create a unique eclipse.

It is called a super blood wolf moon total lunar eclipse and it will be visible throughout the night from Navarre Beach.

Professional and amateur astronomers alike are preparing to watch this phenomenon, myself included. There is nothing quite like gazing up at the night sky and seeing a swathe of stars and the shining moon. I still distinctly remember

There is no better place to take in the night sky than along Navarre Beach. The low level of light pollution combined with the gentle rhythmic sound of the waves makes for a magical evening. For couples, it will be a romantic evening to cuddle up under a blanket and watch. Families can use the magic of this event to teach their children about the universe around them.

So, what exactly happens in a super blood wolf moon?

Super moon

Super means the moon is closest to earth in its elliptical orbit during a full moon making it appear larger and brighter in the night sky.  The moon’s orbit around Earth is shaped like an oval so sometimes it is actually closer to the Earth than others.

Blood moon

“Blood moon” is not a scientific term, but rather a common phrase used to describe the moons appearance. During an eclipse the moon can take on a crimson hue due to light being distorted by Earth’s atmosphere.

Wolf moon

Another non-scientific term, the “wolf” in this celestial event’s name is a reference hailing from Native American traditions. Also called a “hunger” moon, the term is used in some cultures to describe the deepest part of winter when most of the winter rations had already been eaten. The term was inspired by the sounds of wolves howling nearby.

While the moon is at its brightest, reddest and closest orbit, it will undergo a full eclipse meaning this is the best time to get a view of that kind of celestial event.

The event will begin at about 8:30 p.m. and run throughout the evening. At about 9:30 p.m. the eclipsing shadow on the moon will become visible as Earth’s shadow passes over its surface.

Full eclipse is expected around 10:30 p.m.

My tips for a fantastic eclipse viewing:

  • Plan to view the event from your beachfront condo or along the gulf side coastline.
  • Make sure all your condo lights are off and there are no obstructions in the sky. Artificial lights will inhibit your view, so move to the eastern portion of the beach past the pier.
  • Bring cozy sweaters and blankets. It can get a bit chilly on the beach at night. Foldable chairs are also a plus if you are going down to the shore for viewing.
  • Milk and cookies are considered traditional snacks for viewing eclipses, but any snacks would be a good option.
  • Get plenty of rest the day before. This is a late night event.
  • Take a few pictures! This will be the last major celestial event of its kind for a long while.

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