Head brewer brings art and science at Ye Olde Brothers beers

Ye Olde Brothers Brewery (YOBB) offers some of the best micro-brews in the country, right here in our backyard, but it is a sister, not a brother, that leads the charge.

An unlikely series of events brought Rachel Breite to Navarre where she found her dream job in a unique role as the head brewer at YOBB.

Breite, originally from Festus, Missouri, received her degree in Marine Biology from the College of Charleston. She worked on fishing boats for Alaskan Observers, Inc. as a Pacific Northwest Ground Fish Observer – or in other words, a fisheries biologist.

To get a feel for what she had to endure for up to five days at a stretch, tune into Discovery Channel’s series, “Deadliest Catch.” She worked on “The Redeemer,” of the Discovery Channel’s, “Deadliest Catch Dungeon Cove” fame, but not at the time of filming.

Breite came to know Navarre Beach thanks to her dad. She had always loved the beaches, so after a year of freezing Oregon weather, cold water and a boat full of fishermen – Navarre, Florida was the place to be. She worked at YOBB as a waitress and soon shift manager eventually working her way up to head brewer in January 2018.

Breite has enjoyed and sought out craft beer since college.

“I was lucky to be surrounded by people that took an interest in me and my interest in brewing beer while working at Ye Olde Brothers,” Breite said.

Of the twin brothers that own YOBB, Larry and Jerry Rolison, Jerry is the brother most involved in the actual brewing of beer. They affectionately call Breite the “brew mistress,” though Breite prefers to be called Rachel.

“Her beers are way superior to anything my head brewer had produced. This is nota­ble, since he had better than 15-years of home brewing experience. Rachel will be the head brewer for YOBB as long as she wants to work with us,” Rolison said.
Part of the appeal of hav­ing Breite join the brewing team was her background in science.
“If you can understand the biological and chemical pro­cesses going on with beer you can manipulate it to create the art you want. It is a marriage of art and science,” Breite ex­plained. “I love biology and water chemistry. I feel I have an advantage because I know and understand the chemical reactions that are taking place and the biological informa­tion through the fermenting process.”
Breite feels that since beer is 90 percent water, you can “nerd out” and tweak the water profiles to craft beer. She takes great care to brew to style specification.
“For example, I look at the starting number, the final number, the color and the alcohol by volume or ABB. If I am going to call a beer a hefeweizen – it will hit every measurement,”she said.

Ye Olde Brothers’ brews of­fer a wide variety of beer styles and has worked hard to estab­lish a solid base of what Breite calls “good, clean beer.” Breite is happy to say that every style is approachable.
Each beer is carefully craft­ed with unique elements, including flavors incorporated through infusion.

For those that don’t like beer, YOBB brews their own root beer. Many have said it is the best root beer they have ever tasted, and root beer float are available on the premises.
You can’t get YOBB anywhere but Navarre, and those looking for souvenirs can purchase a growler of the beer of your choice at the family-friend­ly restaurant that is the heart of the brewery. The restau­rant serves smoked meats, brick-oven pizzas baked in the old-world tradition, wine along with their craft beers and other beers brewed locally and throughout the world.
Monthly Breite also leads a free “How to Brew”demonstration on the porch of the brewery.

“I enjoy working with the brothers and what they stand for. They used ‘Ye Olde’ in their name for a reason and it is nostalgic back to the days before prohibition when every local community had their own craft beer,” she said. “I truly appreciate their approach to beer, and we are honored to be the local brew­ery for Navarre.”
Come learn a thing or two from Breite (or just sample the flight) at YOBB on beautiful Navarre Beach, Navarrelistings.com.

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