Forget Black Friday, shop relaxing instead

So, hear me out.

Following the stomach busting fun of Thanksgiving you could drive to a big box store on the busiest shopping day of the year and fight the crowd to buy the same blasé holiday gifts that everyone else is getting. You also could scroll for eternity online to do your shopping and just hope that your item is the right size, good quality and actually arrives on time for the holidays.

OR you could not be stressed out, still get a great deal AND find gifts for your loved ones that literally no one else will have. I mean, I know which option I would pick.

Here on beautiful Navarre Beach, we do our holiday shopping a little differently. We’re known as “Florida’s most relaxing place for a reason.” We have a wide range of truly unique small business and boutiques offering great deals on one of kind items. Here are my go-to gifts this year:

  1. Recycled candles at Saltwater Cottage

Vintage chic is the best way to describe this tucked away gem. Amid a variety of custom-made jewelry and home décor, this shop offers locally made candles, each with a story tied to its scent. I highly recommend the fir scent.

  1. Proper beard care at Southern Specialty

Magda and Lisa have my favorite shop on Navarre Beach. Don’t tell the others! When you walk through the door you are greeted by clothes, décor and care products that would make any lady swoon, but don’t be fooled. There’s something for the guys here, too. Their beard care line makes for a great, sophisticated gift.

  1. Sustainable cute at Treasures by the Sound

This store is disguised as a mailing and shipping place, but inside it is a winter wonderland with some of the cutest Christmas tree decorations money can buy. They also carry this nifty telescoping reusable straw with cleaning brush that conveniently stores in a purse or pocket. Ditch the straw to reduce plastic waste and protect sea turtles. For the environmentalist on your list, this is a great buy.

  1. Unique art at Holley Hill Pottery

Holley Hill has been creating ceramic master pieces for generations, drawing artists from around the globe to our little corner of paradise. Usually featuring a variety of colors and beachy themes, you can find a piece at just about any price point.

  1. Antiquities at Pik Itz

Who said all holiday gifts have to be brand new to be worthwhile? Antiques at Pik Itz are a safe bet for a gift they will love and remember for years to come. This shop isn’t your average junk-piled-high antiques mall. The items are curated into a great shopping experience, and I’ve seen stuff here that you can’t find anywhere else.

So, skip the chaos and do your holiday shopping with us on beautiful Navarre Beach. Book your winter get away today at

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