What I’m thankful for on Navarre Beach

On beautiful Navarre Beach, we have a lot to be thankful for. Here are just a few of them.

1. Powdery white sand

Ever stick your toes into warm powdered sugar? That’s what it’s like to relax on Navarre Beach. We’re famous for our internationally celebrated white sands. Fun fact, our sand is the result of quartz deposits in the Appalachian Mountains, ground down over hundreds of thousands of years. Neat right?

2.  Longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico

Whether you are an expert angler, a fishing novice or just a sight seer, the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier is an absolute delight! The pier reaches out into the gulf waters farther than any other, where a variety of species dwell. Some of the favorites out here are redfish and cobia. This is also arguably the best place to watch a sunset in Florida.

3. Lack of crowding

Beaches across Florida have a big problem: they’re jam packed! Not here. We’ve jokingly called ourselves “Florida’s best kept secret” because we do not see the ridiculous crowds of some of the larger beaches. And our entire shoreline is public land, including the unspoiled beauty of our lovely Navarre Beach Marine Park.

4. Great local eateries

From the award-winning beach bar Juana’s Pagoda and Sailors Grill to newer fair such as Dewey Destin’s, you won’t leave hungry. I have personal favorites at nearly every place, and most our restaurants are locally owned, not cheap franchises, meaning they treat you like family. 

5. Beautiful sunset

Sunsets on the beach are truly something to behold, each one a truly unique work of art. I love just parking my rump on the shore and watching God’s handywork light up the sky. Or perhaps you’d prefer a private viewing for two of the spectacular sunset from the waterfront balcony of one of our condominiums?

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