Five things to know: Vacation is good for you

Vacationing is good for your health. I know that seems like a no brainer, but here are a few reasons to kick back with your toes in the sand in 2020 that you might not have thought of.


  1. Reduce stress. According to the very smart people at the American Psychological Association, vacationing can reduce work stress. Again, I know you’re saying, well duh. But hear me out. It’s not just that we feel happier. Vacation actually reduces stress-induced health problems even after the vacation is over. These include headaches, backaches and heart irregularities.


  1. Good for the ol’ ticker. Multiple studies by heart health researchers found that men who have heart disease that vacation regularly can cut their risk of heart attack down by about a third AND significantly reduce their chances of dying from a heart related health issue. In other words, your heart loves the beach, too.


  1. Better sleep. When on vacation, we tend to forgo many of the bad habits that disrupt healthy sleep cycles. This can function as a great reset for your natural sleep pattern, meaning more restfulness.


  1. Decreasing depression. Researchers of both the Marsfield Clinic and the University of Pittsburg found a correlation between vacationing at least twice a year and reduction in depression. For those with mental health concerns, vacation and recreational activity may be an important part of treatment.


  1. Overwork=higher stroke risk. Sometimes it can be hard to see the real cost to our bodies of overworking ourselves, but there can be major consequences. For employees who spend too much time at work, stroke risk can go up by 33% (The Lancet). Not to be melodramatic, but vacation can save your life.


So, plan a vacation! Your body will thank you. Start reaping the health benefits by visiting

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