It’s Book Direct Day!

It’s Book Direct Day!

As the saying goes, “cut out the middle man.” On Feb. 5 each year, vacation rental managers across the country take a moment to educate the public about vacation rental booking best practices under #BookDirect.

Some things you might not have known:
1. You are paying more to book through third-party sites like AirBnB and VRBO. They add fees on top of the cost of the rental, so the companies can make money on the rentals. Booking direct means eliminating the middleman’s costs.

2. Third-party sites will not likely have the best homes in that area listed. For example, our gulf front condos with full kitchens won’t show up on those sites, but Uncle Jerry’s spare bedroom in the basement 13 miles from the beach might be. It’s a vacation, and you deserve the best. (No offense Uncle Jerry!)

3. Locals know the area best! When you #BookDirect, you are connecting with people who know Navarre Beach inside and out. They are better equipped to find the rental that best meets your needs and recommend the best places to visit on your trip! With a third-party site, you might not know exactly what you are getting.

4. Flexibility is also a bonus! When you talk directly to the people managing a property, you are more likely to be clued in to deals and paired with the rental that best matches your family’s needs and budget.

5. Those with special needs and requests can work directly with owners when they #BookDirect, taking a lot of the stress out of trip planning. I mean, this IS supposed to be a vacation, right? Work directly with companies to relieve the headache! You’ll be well taken care of.

So, #BookDirect today at!

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