5 health benefits of beach life

It might seem obvious but living on the beach has been proven to improve the state of your physical and mental health. Recent studies have compared the lifestyles of people who live by the beach versus those that live inland. According to Lifeinahouse.net, the results show that “a coastal lifestyle is a lot healthier for the average human being.”

Less stress is associated with people that choose to live near the ocean, as they enjoy a better quality of life that is coveted by all their friends that are landlocked in a major city.

From enjoying the crashing waves, breathing clean air, and eating fresh seafood, beach life along the Emerald Coast has countless benefits. Here are the top 5 health benefits of enjoying Navarre Beach.

1. Natural skin care

The beach is considered an outdoor spa. There is nothing better for your skin than an organic sand exfoliant, to rid your skin of dead cells and impurities. According to Joya.life, exfoliation “helps to prevent premature aging, activating the circulation and favoring a better oxygenation of the epidermis.”

It will make your skin silky smooth and soft and you will look a lot younger because of it. Another good thing about the ocean is that it heals and soothes your muscles and joints, too.

Saltwater can be good for your skin and overall health too. Ocean water is full of good minerals that heal wounds and leave you feeling revitalized. So make sure to spend some time walking barefoot on the beach and playing in the water when you’re on the beautiful Gulf coast.

2. Endless opportunities to exercise

Whether you’re swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, playing beach volleyball in the sand, or going for a jog where the water meets the land, there are endless opportunities to exercise at the beach!

With so much to beauty to gaze at, you will find it easy to get outdoors and get active. There’s nothing more fulfilling than walking on the beach as the sun sets into the horizon. It’s suitable for all ages, you can walk or jog at your own pace, and it doesn’t require a watch. By walking on the beach regularly you will reduce your stress levels, recharge your batteries, and begin to feel calmer overall.

3. The beach literally improves your mood

You are a product of your environment and if you don’t control your atmosphere, it will control you. Let’s face it, life can be stressful, especially the hectic pace of a landlocked city life. And when we are stressed, our bodies release the hormone cortisol as a response. Cortisol goes on a rampage in our bodies, and if its levels are not kept on track, it can damage our health.

On the contrary, a simple trip to the beach releases happy and calming hormones in your brain.

According to the University of New Hampshire, “the calming effects of the waves and sun combined is enough to make a person leave their stress behind. The heat of the sun, the sound of the waves, and your feet in the sand can help to fight off any feelings of anxiety and stress.”

The beach lifestyle is laid back and dramatically reduces stressful stimulus. The relaxing environment that the beach provides eliminates cortisol production and releases endorphins instead that increase vitality and well-being.

4. Technology detox

Whether you believe it or not, just simply being on the beach will reduce your need or maybe your addiction to reach for your cell phones or laptop. The digital screen will be there when you’re done at the beach.

“It’s not like you will never use them again, but you won’t be addicted to technology in the way you are now,” Outdoor Revival writer Stef Zisovska wrote. “Spending more time outside without spending hours and hours staring at a screen will change the way you think and your perspectives of life.”

Try to spend as much time as possible by the ocean, and less time in front your laptop screen and witness the first-hand difference.

5. Restful sleep

Whether spending the day swimming, walking the shoreline or surfing the waves your body will want to rest. You will sleep longer and the quality of your sleep with improve! You’ll be dreaming about only the positive things…like more swimming and surfing.

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