In case you missed it: Navarre Beach GOAT

Navarre Beach is the GOAT of gulf beaches! That’s Greatest Of All Time, not the farm critter.

So, it only makes sense that the inaugural GOAT Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament’s Pygmy event (like pygmy goat because it was smaller than the full event) was hosted on Navarre Beach.

More than 150 anglers from across the United States descended on Navarre Beach to participate in Pygmy, the offshore kayak fishing tournament. 

Participants were vying for their cut of $3,500 worth of cash and prizes as well as the coveted gold, WWE-style GOAT Championship Belt, won this year by Don Mcmillan along with the $2,000 cash prize for first place.

Kayak fishing is a bit of a tradition in Navarre. With our intercoastal network of rivers, marshes, Santa Rosa Sound and of course the Gulf of Mexico, there are no shortage of places to launch out and cast a line. 

The event is set to be even bigger next year, and Navarre Beach looks forward to welcoming kayak anglers for a week of fun, fishing and competition. Come be part of next year’s GOAT!

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