3 big reasons to unplug on vacation

When it comes time to unwind on vacation, checking work emails and scrolling social media feeds are not the first things that come to mind. But tragically, I’ve seen it. A family is finally getting a break to just be together on our beautiful beaches, and a parent or teen reaches for their phone. In that split second, they go from being in the moment to being distant.

It’s not easy leaving our tech behind. We’ve grown so accustomed to having answers, information, communication, distractions right at our fingertips. Smartphones have improved our lives in many ways, but ask yourself how your ties to technology, especially during “down time,” are impacting your life. Is it always positive?

I’m a firm believer that vacation time is synonymous with unplug time. Here’s a few reasons to unplug while on vacation:

1. Better sleep

When we go on vacation, sleep is not exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but part of fully enjoying the fun is being fully recharged. Scrolling your Facebook feed or squeezing in a few emails before bed seems harmless enough, but that screen time can actually be harmful. Havard Health explains, blue light, like the light associated with a cellphone or laptop screen, can throw your minds circadian rhythm out of whack. That rhythm is the essential part of sleep that helps heal the brain.

Life is go, go, go, go, and natural sleep helps us take on the day. Take care of your mind, especially on vacation, and it will take care of you.

2. Be present

In college, one of the scariest things for me to watch was how often some students would walk across parking lots or the street without looking up from their phones. While that’s an extreme example, it highlights a bigger point. You don’t know what you miss when you miss it.

Busily taking pictures of every moment of vacation on your cell and posting them to Instagram to show all your friends can be fun. But did you notice the smell of the gulf breeze? Did you take time to you’re your breathing to the rhythm of the waves? Were you looking at your phone when you crested the dunes on the walkover for the first time?

I’ve lived here since the day I was born, and to this day those little experiences still take my breath away. Take time to notice the little things. Instagram can wait.

3. Really connect

Modern tech can make us feel more connected to one another than ever before. It’s amazing to be able to speak face to face with family and friends across the globe.

But there is also a loss of connection when we get carried away. When we shut off the cellphones, we can really talk to one another. And that’s important. Kids will only be kids for so long. Take a few days to shut off the rest and just talk to them. You will be amazed at what you will learn about each other that would have got lost in translation in a text.

Or meet new people. Nothing says “don’t talk to me” like a raised phone screen. Go out to the local spots (Juana’s has been a staple of the beach for 40 years), leave the phone in your pocket and strike up conversations. You will be surprised who you might meet.

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