Feeling like fall on Navarre Beach

I don’t know if you guys have noticed recently, but the weather on the Gulf Coast has been ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Ever since Hurricane Sally made her way through our area, the phrase “the calm after the storm” has become our reality. Sunny skies, crystal clear water and even a cool, brisk breeze in the mornings to really make it feel like fall.

We are blessed to live and vacation here. Gazing upon the horizon as the sun slowly enters or exits the sky truly makes Navarre Beach feel like paradise.

Just this week many locals and tourists alike could be found walking up and down Navarre Beach shelling, going for their morning run with their toes grazing the sand and even gazing upon marine life such as dolphins and sting rays!

With temperatures finally cooling down, Navarre Beach has become even more enjoyable. It’s cool in the morning when you wake up and watch the sunrise and begin to feel the warmth of rays on your skin. Then the air gradually heats up as the sun ascends in the sky and makes for a perfect beach day, people splashing in the sea foam green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The sun completes its cycle in the sky as it dissolves into the horizon once again, bringing cool sweater weather that we all long for after a hot summer.

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to vacation to this heavenly paradise. Book your stay today at www.navarrelistings.com.