Shelling – a free excursion during your stay on Navarre Beach

Did you know that Navarre Beach ranks among the top beaches in the state of Florida for shelling?

Navarre Beach, along with its snow-white sands, is home to numerous species of shells, all with diverse patterns that line the coast.

Recently, there has been even more shells along the beach after Hurricane Sally moved through northwest Florida Sept. 16 and shook things up.

Hurricanes, and any powerful storm really, lift up the shells and any other particles on the bottom of the ocean floor and wash them ashore with the waves and the wind.

But it doesn’t take a storm to make shelling a popular hobby in our area. Navarre Beach is a pretty great spot for shells no matter what because of where it sits along the Gulf Coast.

Bringing visitors from just about everywhere, “Florida’s Most Relaxing Place” offers the best souvenir for tourists to take home with them – a pocketful of seashells, free of cost.

Shelling is super relaxing, therapeutic even and it gets you off your phone and away from your computer screen. And each wave brings an assortment of new seashells to choose from so the selection is never-ending and always changing. The secret to a therapy session is to walk out to the beach with as little as possible, carrying just a mesh shell bag and maybe a waterproof fanny pack for your necessities.

Some shell collectors marvel at the beauty of the seashell without knowing the intricate science behind how it landed on shore.

When clams and scallops die, their shells generally disarticulate and fall apart. Because they’re heavy, it takes wave energy to push them on shore. 

Common finds in this area are different types of scallops, cockle shells, lightning whelks, small Florida fighting conchs, tulip snails and a number of different clam species like coquina clams.

The diversity and beauty of shells along the coast make Navarre Beach a hot spot for shelling, post-hurricane or not.

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful shells washed upon the shore of Navarre Beach. Book your stay today at to start your collection.

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