In case you missed it: Navarre Beach GOAT

Navarre Beach is the GOAT of gulf beaches! That’s Greatest Of All Time, not the farm critter.

So, it only makes sense that the inaugural GOAT Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament’s Pygmy event (like pygmy goat because it was smaller than the full event) was hosted on Navarre Beach.

More than 150 anglers from across the United States descended on Navarre Beach to participate in Pygmy, the offshore kayak fishing tournament. 

Participants were vying for their cut of $3,500 worth of cash and prizes as well as the coveted gold, WWE-style GOAT Championship Belt, won this year by Don Mcmillan along with the $2,000 cash prize for first place.

Kayak fishing is a bit of a tradition in Navarre. With our intercoastal network of rivers, marshes, Santa Rosa Sound and of course the Gulf of Mexico, there are no shortage of places to launch out and cast a line. 

The event is set to be even bigger next year, and Navarre Beach looks forward to welcoming kayak anglers for a week of fun, fishing and competition. Come be part of next year’s GOAT!

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Five tips for July 4 fireworks

Navarre Beach will be open and welcoming visitors with safe social distancing for Independence Day. We will have a fantastic fireworks display and uncrowded shorelines for the July 4 weekend. This year’s display will be shot from the end of the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, gulf side, at 9 p.m., and will be visible from most of the southern side of the island.

To get the most out of your day, here are a few quick tips.

1. Arrive early, spread out

This is one of the busiest weekends for our beautiful beach, and it’s for good reason. Don’t leave the condo at 8 p.m. and expect to get a parking spot at the pier. Plan ahead to navigate the traffic. Or better yet, just plan to walk down from your condo.

And once on the shoreline, spread out. Look around before setting up at the first open spot at the end of the boardwalk. Just a little way to the left or right is likely to be plenty of space to spread out.

2. Stay hydrated

Florida is famous as the sunshine state, but sunshine means heat. No one wants to have to climb back over the dunes to make a run to the store. Be prepared. Bring lots of water. 

3. Keep the kiddos occupied

While visiting the beach, keep the kids entertained while waiting for the fun. A few sand toys can provide hours of entertainment. 

4. Plan ahead

With current events, situations are constantly changing. Our beaches will be open, but some stores may have modified hours and services. Have a plan for your day to remove any headache. Look to see which beachfront restaurants are open for service (we recommend Windjammers on the Pier), or pack a fun picnic for the family to each in the sunshine.

5. Relax

You’re set up on the shore. You have your supplies and your plan. Now, kick back and relax. It’s a vacation after all! Take it slow, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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Sea turtle center now welcoming visitors

For the first time in nearly three months, a group of visitors entered the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center Tuesday to learn about marine ecosystems and meet Sweet Pea, the resident juvenile sea turtle!

It was a blast getting back inside the conservation center to see the marine creatures that call it home. The center closed to visitors back in March due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19. Center Executive Director Jenn Polus said they are ready to bring in visitors once more, with a few precautions.

“We are very excited. We have missed seeing everyone,” she said.

For now, the re-opening will be limited to pre-registered visitation in small groups. Registration is available at

To ensure the safety of visitors and volunteers, the center is taking extra precautions. Masks will be required for anyone inside the center, and hands will be sanitized at the door for staff, volunteers and visitors. Groups are spaced to allow increased sanitation inside the facility as well.  

The center is built to hold 50 visitors at a time. When the center re-opens for general admittance, it will likely only allow 50% capacity.

With the new precautions also come new benefits for visitors due to a more personal experience.

Pre-registered visits will be styled after the center’s private tours while maintaining the affordable price. Guests start by learning about Sweet Pea and seeing the various exhibits. Visitors will also have time to explore on their own, and kids can do the center’s scavenger hunt. Once the group is done inside the center, the tour moves to the newly remodeled outdoor exhibit where visitors can meet tortoises Safari and Flip Flop.

Center programs, such as Shark School, restarted along with some new programs. The center has launched an Honorary Care Team Member program, which takes visitors behind the scenes of caring for the animals, including Sweet Pea. Participants will also get hands on with tortoises and receive a certificate for their participation.

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Watch the Angels soar

The show will go on for the area’s daring aerial performance team, and there will be more opportunities to see them July 8-11 along our beaches.

To help with social distancing, the Blue Angels will be stretching their annual hometown Pensacola Beach Air Show over four days, thrilling visitors lined up on shore. 

The Blue Angels are the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron stationed at Forrest Sherman Field aboard Naval Air Station Pensacola. These expert pilots perform a coordinated display of aerial maneuvers for audiences across the country, and each summer this beachfront show is their homecoming.

I have been watching them my entire life, and it still takes my breath away as they scream through the sky within inches of one another, barrel rolling and arching under incredible G-Force. It’s truly spectacular.

Due to COVID-19 the show schedule has been modified. According to an official release, the Blues and Santa Rosa Island Authority opted not to cancel the July show.

“The air show program this year is built around social distancing in observance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations for the COVID-19 virus,” the release reads. “The program will be a four-day event, and each day will have similar flight maneuvers. This expanded schedule will give the public four different opportunities to view the performances at least once.”
The show footprint has also been modified so as not to create a center point but instead expand the viewing to allow better distancing among viewers on the beach.

Aerial displays will begin at noon each day. In addition to the Blues, other aerial performers will include Veterans Flight, Gary Ward, Kevin Coleman and Skip Stewart.

Additional schedule details will be published by officials at Book your accommodations at

Sea turtle nesting season runs through October 31

While we are all excited to return to the beautiful beaches, social distancing precautions are not the only safety measure we need to keep in mind.

Navarre Beach’s sea turtle nesting season officially started May 1, meaning four species of these endangered reptiles will be coming ashore at night to lay their eggs. We all can do our part to ensure their nesting season is successful while still enjoying all the shore has to offer.

Our local Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center offers an opportunity to learn about these wonderful creatures and even an up-close meeting with Sweet Pea, our resident juvenile sea turtle.

Sea turtles nest under very specific conditions. Light and sound at night can be disorienting to the turtles that spend nearly their entire lives under water. The Conservation Center has a few tips:

  • Knock down sandcastles and fill holes, leaving the sand flat for mother turtles
  • Take all items off the beach each night including beach toys, tents, umbrellas, chairs and especially trash, leaving any item after sunset is a violation of county ordinance
  • Turn out lights or use red light at night to keep from disorienting turtles
  • Educate others on how they can help protect turtles
  • Do not disrupt nest sites or nesting turtles, it is against federal and state law

Fishermen taking advantage of the longest pier in the Gulf of Mexico can also help protect turtles through the responsible pier initiative. If a turtle gets hooked, don’t cut the line. Instead, call the number posted on the pier and rescuers will be there in minutes to assist. 

Sea turtle nesting season also means a rare opportunity: the chance to see a nesting turtle.

If your family experiences this rare opportunity, be cautious not to disturb her.

If a nesting turtle is spotted, onlookers should turn off all lights, be quiet and remain a distance away from the turtle, out of her line of sight. This ensures she feels comfortable to continue nesting, helping carry on her species.

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Committed to keeping your family safe

We here at Navarre Properties understand that this has been an uncertain time for so many of us due to COVID-19. As Navarre Beach and our rentals re-open to visitors, we are excited and ready to welcome you and your family to our sunny shores.

Rest assured; we take the health of our visitors seriously. And we understand that many of us need to get some time away for a much-needed breather. Our accommodations are ready to accept visitors and are being held to a higher standard than ever before. And we had a pretty high standard to begin with.

Our beaches are open to the public and fall under social distancing guidance. With this much white sand shoreline it’s easy to keep six feet apart.

In our rental units and beachfront homes, we are following strict cleaning protocols throughout each rental property based on the CDC’s latest guidance as well as the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations best practices.

We use commercial grade cleaners for all surfaces, especially focusing on high touch points, and we utilize commercial laundry facilities to clean all linens between each guest.

For added ease and comfort, we are offering electronic check-in and check-out for all rentals. We have instituted electronic signature for our rental agreement.  This will help with social distancing for both you and our staff by alleviating the need for a front desk visit.

We are committed to making sure your vacation is safe and enjoyable.

Let us put your mind at ease. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 850-936-1312. Find more information at

National seashore and historic fort re-open to the public

Here on Navarre Beach we are blessed to neighbor one of the most iconic national parks in the U.S.

The Gulf Islands National Seashore offers an uninterrupted stretch of Florida beach in its undisturbed natural state, with huge white dunes and some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets.

The seashore has re-opened most of it’s public areas, and this May the historic Fort Pickens re-opened to visitors. This massive brick fortification has stood on the tip of Santa Rosa Island since the 1830s protecting the mouth of Pensacola Bay.

Just a short drive from Navarre Beach, this location offers a rich peak into nearly two centuries of history, bathed in sunshine and the smell of salt water from the shoreline.

 The Pensacola Bay Cruises are starting up as well with a modified schedule. Visit the cruise web site ( for more information. Starting May 23, the tram service at Fort Pickens will start back up and passengers on the Pensacola Bay Cruises will be dropped off and picked up at Fort Pickens.

For now, Fort Barrancas, the Fort Pickens campground, discovery center and bookstore will remain closed as well as the headquarters and indoor exhibits at the Naval Live Oaks Area. We hope to see these areas re-opening soon as safe practice will allow.

More information on the fort and national seashore can be found at

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Navarre Beach a top scenic drive in 2020

Southern Living has announced what us locals already know: Navarre Beach is beautiful.

The magazine has named State Road 399 in Navarre Beach to the top 10 list of “The South’s Best Scenic Drives 2020.” Winding through our beach peninsula, this road takes your through the unspoiled beauty of Gulf Islands National Seashore. 

Southern Living says:

“Start at Navarre Beach and head west toward Pensacola right around sunset. It’s an unforgettable drive, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Santa Rosa Sound on the other, unspoiled white sand and blue water all around, the whole scene softened by a coastal sky painted in pinks and corals.”

The description is wonderful, but words don’t do it justice.

For a perfect day, leave out from your beachfront condo in the morning with a picnic lunch and a few fun items for a day on the shore. Start driving west along Gulf Boulevard and the road will transition into the national seashore.

Enjoy the ride and be sure to slow down for our nesting shore birds. If you are lucky, you may spot snowy plover chicks during the warmer months, camouflaged among the sand.

Roll down your windows. This is mandatory. The smell of saltwater and sun is wonderful. Eventually you will come upon some wooden pavilions to the right with a parking area.

Park the car and use the beach walkover to go have some fun on the shore in one of the most ecologically unspoiled areas left on the gulf coast. Be sure to wear sunscreen and pay attention to posted flag conditions.

Then enjoy your picnic lunch and some family memories that will last a lifetime.

As sundown approaches, load back up in the car for a spectacular view on your way home. Sunsets here are truly one of a kind.

Once back on the main drag, enjoy a delicious dinner at one of our local restaurants or cook a family meal in the kitchen of your comfortable condo.

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5 health benefits of beach life

It might seem obvious but living on the beach has been proven to improve the state of your physical and mental health. Recent studies have compared the lifestyles of people who live by the beach versus those that live inland. According to, the results show that “a coastal lifestyle is a lot healthier for the average human being.”

Less stress is associated with people that choose to live near the ocean, as they enjoy a better quality of life that is coveted by all their friends that are landlocked in a major city.

From enjoying the crashing waves, breathing clean air, and eating fresh seafood, beach life along the Emerald Coast has countless benefits. Here are the top 5 health benefits of enjoying Navarre Beach.

1. Natural skin care

The beach is considered an outdoor spa. There is nothing better for your skin than an organic sand exfoliant, to rid your skin of dead cells and impurities. According to, exfoliation “helps to prevent premature aging, activating the circulation and favoring a better oxygenation of the epidermis.”

It will make your skin silky smooth and soft and you will look a lot younger because of it. Another good thing about the ocean is that it heals and soothes your muscles and joints, too.

Saltwater can be good for your skin and overall health too. Ocean water is full of good minerals that heal wounds and leave you feeling revitalized. So make sure to spend some time walking barefoot on the beach and playing in the water when you’re on the beautiful Gulf coast.

2. Endless opportunities to exercise

Whether you’re swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, playing beach volleyball in the sand, or going for a jog where the water meets the land, there are endless opportunities to exercise at the beach!

With so much to beauty to gaze at, you will find it easy to get outdoors and get active. There’s nothing more fulfilling than walking on the beach as the sun sets into the horizon. It’s suitable for all ages, you can walk or jog at your own pace, and it doesn’t require a watch. By walking on the beach regularly you will reduce your stress levels, recharge your batteries, and begin to feel calmer overall.

3. The beach literally improves your mood

You are a product of your environment and if you don’t control your atmosphere, it will control you. Let’s face it, life can be stressful, especially the hectic pace of a landlocked city life. And when we are stressed, our bodies release the hormone cortisol as a response. Cortisol goes on a rampage in our bodies, and if its levels are not kept on track, it can damage our health.

On the contrary, a simple trip to the beach releases happy and calming hormones in your brain.

According to the University of New Hampshire, “the calming effects of the waves and sun combined is enough to make a person leave their stress behind. The heat of the sun, the sound of the waves, and your feet in the sand can help to fight off any feelings of anxiety and stress.”

The beach lifestyle is laid back and dramatically reduces stressful stimulus. The relaxing environment that the beach provides eliminates cortisol production and releases endorphins instead that increase vitality and well-being.

4. Technology detox

Whether you believe it or not, just simply being on the beach will reduce your need or maybe your addiction to reach for your cell phones or laptop. The digital screen will be there when you’re done at the beach.

“It’s not like you will never use them again, but you won’t be addicted to technology in the way you are now,” Outdoor Revival writer Stef Zisovska wrote. “Spending more time outside without spending hours and hours staring at a screen will change the way you think and your perspectives of life.”

Try to spend as much time as possible by the ocean, and less time in front your laptop screen and witness the first-hand difference.

5. Restful sleep

Whether spending the day swimming, walking the shoreline or surfing the waves your body will want to rest. You will sleep longer and the quality of your sleep with improve! You’ll be dreaming about only the positive things…like more swimming and surfing.

March fun coming to Navarre Beach

There’s no shortage of fun events coming to Navarre Beach. Here are a few ideas.

Snowbird Activities Series at the Navarre Beach Visitor Information Center

Join the Navarre Beach Visitor Information Center for a morning of fun, socialization, and learning. Each session will be a different theme or activity. This program is designed for visiting snowbirds and local seniors. Space is limited to 40 attendees. First come, first serve. For more information, visit or call 850-981-8900.

•             March 3, 9 – 10 a.m. – Aliens of the Deep Lecture
•             March 4, 9 – 11 a.m. – Coffee and Crafts – St. Patrick’s Day Fun
•             March 6, 9 – 11 a.m. – Ask a Bird Biologist – Audubon Lecture
•             March 9, 9 – 10 a.m. – Photography Class with John Starrett
•             March 10, 9 – 11 a.m. – Flower Arranging Class with the Navarre Garden Club
•             March 12, 9 – 10 a.m. – Chair Yoga (limited 15 attendees)
•             March 17, 9 – 10 a.m. – Whales Lecture
•             March 20, 10 – 3 p.m. – Bon Voyage Snowbird Party (Drop In)
•             March 24, 9 – 10 a.m. – Animal Babies and Hatchings Lecture

20th Annual Seagrass Awareness Celebration
Shoreline Park South, 800 Shoreline Dr. Gulf Breeze
March 6, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Local organizations and agencies will be providing free hands on activities for the whole family. Activities include games and prizes, live marine life for viewing and touching, safety boating information, seagrass information, kayaking, food vendors, fishing and more. For more information, contact Chris Verlinde, or call 850-777-7884.

Snowbird Sessions by the Sea at the Navarre Beach Marine Science Station8638 Blue Heron Count, Navarre

Learn about the marine life and ecosystems on Navarre Beach. Each session is a different topic with a presentation, discussion and hands-on demonstration. This program is for visiting snowbirds and local seniors. Cost is $10 per person. Pre-registration is required. Each participant receives a session-themed gift. For more information and to register, visit or call 850-261-2141.

•             March 5, 2 – 3 p.m. – Coral and Zooxanthellae: A Love Story
•             March 12, 2 – 3 p.m. – Tentacle Talk: Octopus and Squid Dissection
•             March 19, 2 – 3 p.m. – Deep Sea Secrets

Spring Jam 2020
1451 Navarre Beach Cswy., Navarre
March 22, 3 – 9:30 p.m.

The Cat Country 98.7 Spring Jam 2020, starring LoCash with special guests Gabby Barrett and Gone West is presented by Gulf Winds Credit Union and the Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Office. Spring Jam 2020 is an open-air concert on the beach benefitting the Santa Rosa Kids’ House. Bring a beach towel to sit on; no chairs permitted. General admission is $10. For tickets and information, visit

Trash Bash with the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center
8740 Gulf Blvd., Navarre
March 28, 8 – 10 a.m.

Meet up to clean up! Volunteers for a beach cleanup will meet in the main Navarre Beach parking lot near the Sand Crab Pavilion. A limited supply of gloves, buckets and pickers are provided or bring your own. For more information, visit or call 850-684-3347.

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